Content and modules

The game world has been filled with different modules, bonuses and other stuff to diversify the gameplay. Also we decided to add Triangles and Spheres to octagonal cube world. Eventually we’ve got a versatile project with its properties and behavior. We’ve already included bonuses and we needed to rethink them according to our setting. Modificator […]


Design Document

At this moment our project has considerably been clogged with trash, we needed to clear the code and set it up to the functions and events. That’s why the whole code was rewritten. It was so good to open the project and continue working on it after clearing the trash without having to mess around […]


Game Setting

The game setting idea came to us after reading Dan Simmons book “Hyperion”. The fifth chapter describes us the system hacking. And we thought of making our arkanoid to be a visual part of hacking process. We liked the idea and continued making the story according to the cyberpunk style of sci-fi novel. The story […]