Last builds were super playable. We have created several levels with different difficulties, and played them all day. Everything was good. Included soundtrack that we wrote recently. Made a starting cutscene where the ball flew through the space, met the core and it activated the shield. The core was protecting against user and he needed […]


First Developments

Light colors turned into dark. The design of the constructions depended on core so the cubes were built up on it. The idea began to look more like product, that we needed, but it was too far from perfection. We came to the idea of writing a soundtrack that would react on the object’s condition. […]


The Other Way

Cubenoid has been changed. We discussed so much about using an arkanoid as a main genre for the game. At last it brought us to think in a different way. Gameplay become more like a sidescroller, and user got a character. Now you are a magician. The game brings us to the isometric world, full […]