Sounds and Music

We begin to work with our good friend and a great musician and a composer CUTglitch, who is cooking for us a lot of interesting sounds, also cooperates with us in writing music. As we he is also fascinated with a style of a digital future and he tries to understand and predict what the […]


Optimization and Improvements

Drawcall — a request to draw an object. At levels with lots of objects we have exceeded its number to 150, which significantly reduced FPS. This was surprising, because the used materials and textures were few and all cubes repeated themselves, and it turned out that the cubes were individual and the device resources were […]


The unknown nine

So the player is hacking a system, and it resists, prevents to make your way to its heart. And the preventers are the guardians – a huge avatars, parts of the system that are on guard of the important information. Guardians – are a mini bosses, which, firstly, will tell the player about the world, […]