Content and modules

The game world has been filled with different modules, bonuses and other stuff to diversify the gameplay. Also we decided to add Triangles and Spheres to octagonal cube world. Eventually we’ve got a versatile project with its properties and behavior.

We’ve already included bonuses and we needed to rethink them according to our setting. Modificator transforms the look and the abilities of a ball, and the animation of cube destruction. On activating bonus, the ball changes its color and achieves additional properties, like:

  • Electric impulse. Hits with electricity several cubes. Works immediately after first impact with module.
  • Boost. Blocs the informational gaps and beats the object with super high speed.
  • Flame impulse. Breaks through the simple protected modules. It cannot effect on Protected modules with custom properties.
  • Digital smoke impulse. Hides several cubes into smoke for a short amount of time. We can fly through these cubes. Works on the first impact with the module.
  • Informational impulse. Makes several modules smaller for a short amount of time.
  • Slowdown. Slows the ball’s speed.
  • Hyperbonus. Destroys every module.

Included modules:

1. A complicated module, that can be destroyed with double hit in cube world, makes clones in spherical world, rebound the ball with higher speed in triangle world.


2. Protected module with custom properties that can be destroyed only with hyperbonus.

3. In Cube world:

  • White unbreakable module.
  • A cube, increasing its size on impact.
  • A cube, rebounding to the nearest informational gap like spring.
  • A cube, reviving destroyed simple protected modules.

4. In Spherical world:

  • A sphere as a digital black hole. Causes death on impact.
  • A portal. Teleporting to the other portal.
  • A gravity sphere. Increasing speed and changes the directory.
  • A sphere, that sucks you into itself until you complete the QTE to escape (move your finger on display from one point to another, or just touch it in certain time with two fingers).

5. In Triangle world:

  • A triangle, that causes a laser field around the module, killing the ball.
  • A triangle, shooting with laser.
  • A triangle with a hole appearing inside it. Creates an imaginary clones of the ball that confuses the player.

All of it brought into gameplay a diversity and the following builds were much difficult to pass.

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