Level Generation

Creating game levels we wanted to make them diverse and unpredictable. What can make it better than the random generation? You can set some difficulty in every chapter and that’s all, every other thing makes the game for you. And every time you start the game you will be pleased by the randomly generated levels and other constructions. But at this point everything comes to the single simple idea – Destroy everything. We already thought of several unique levels, and we loved them. So, not to kill the unique of the project, we decided to build levels manually.

3 months later, after starting the development, we were happy to find out, that the quantity of levels grew faster and that we incarnated our very unusual ideas. From the very simple constructions we came to the optical illusions and logical levels. Combining the objects with rotations we find the core, that wasn’t seen. Spiral constructions like DNA, moving white cubes, trap-levels. And it was a small part of what we’ve developed.

Optical illusion

At the same time we thought of monetization. Character and game look improvements was not for us. But the additional bonuses might be purchased. Passing levels player gets a certain number of bonuses, that needed to be cautiously used. If the player runs out of bonuses he also might pass the level without using them, and if it was too difficult he might buy some. A time ago we’ve made a bonus packs – a one-time purchase to get certain number of bonuses.

Several concepts of personages were drawn. The main character’s name was Glitch, and he tries to get the truth across the digital noises destroying the defense modules. We’ve imagined how the defense module, that we’re against, will look like.

The ideas evolved and been fine-tuned so that turned into the whole universe. In this moment the CYBERCENTER has occurred.

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