The Other Way

Cubenoid has been changed. We discussed so much about using an arkanoid as a main genre for the game. At last it brought us to think in a different way. Gameplay become more like a sidescroller, and user got a character. Now you are a magician.

The game brings us to the isometric world, full of danger and creepy monsters. The main character has to walk through the cubic world fighting with the dark matters. Design changed a bit, but it has the same plot. User has to throw magic balls from the character’s wand with finger swipes, to destroy matters. Epidemic has to be stopped and the world will gain it purity.


The concept wasn’t bad and had a huge plot, but it was a different game, more difficult and required more time to implement. That’s why we brought back the original project and sought for new ideas and ways to fix the game. We included clear borders with gaps, so the ball can rebound and fly away. Modificators were integrated to the main object, as a cubes. And the main feature, that we included, is that we set the goal to the user – Cores. Core is like a heart of the object. Destroying the core will take us further. So, the main difficulty of the game is reaching the core.

The project began to gain speed so the new prototypes has arrived.

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