The Beginning of Hyperform

The idea of Hyperform was born in thinking of a game about rotating a 3D cube in 2D space. In short amount of time the idea become stronger and raised the fundament – the 2D arkanoid about a ball, destroying white cubes of 3D object. It was hard to imagine this gameplay. Concepts covered the blank spaces in understanding the project almost in a half. So we decided to delay other projects and start creating a mobile game.

Firstly, we tried Unreal Engine 4 by creating a simple demo almost empty inside and we got problems in starting project on our devices. The weight of it was too large and it was too strange. So, we took Unity3D as a primary and a main development tool.


First builds showed us, how objects in the game will interact with each other, how it can be played and the visual design of this insane idea. The ball hit the edges of device display and destroyed white cubes, rotation of the object was performed by a thumb and black cubes infected the nearest cubes as you hit them. The point was to destroy the object and don’t let the black cubes capture it. And the game was called – Cubenoid.

After everything we decided to make it more playable. We thought of flying platform, that will be connected with the rotation of the central object. The platform reflects the ball, collects modifications like Freeze or Fire, this modification projects on the platform and the ball gets improvement, that can help beating the object faster. But we thought that the infection of a cubes is not a good idea in arkanoid and the game continued walking it own different way.

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