Optimization and Improvements

Drawcall — a request to draw an object. At levels with lots of objects we have exceeded its number to 150, which significantly reduced FPS. This was surprising, because the used materials and textures were few and all cubes repeated themselves, and it turned out that the cubes were individual and the device resources were spending on nothing.

Batching — an optimization of drawcalls, by combining the same materials into one. Thus 30 objects with the same material will not cause 30 drawcalls, but 1, significantly reducing CPU overhead. But it didn’t work for some reason. And the reason was in the materials. This brought us to use the texture atlas.

Texture Atlas – is a big texture, which contains the smaller textures used for different objects. These “subtextures” can be applied by specifying the coordinates on the atlas, selecting a certain part of the image. So, we are using one big material and apply it to all objects, changing the coordinates for each. This reduces CPU overhead and a large Atlas file takes much less disk space than a lot of small materials, reducing the size of the game.

The monetization issue we solved towards simplification. It will be inappropriate to use packs or individual ways to increase the amount of bonuses. We also abandoned extras and bonuses for a fee, and decided to move to a one-time payment for the game. It seemed to us more simple and fair solution, rather than invent from scratch ways of permanent sucking the players money.

According to the latest game screenshots, you may notice, that we have tweaked the design. This was done in order to finally come to a decision with the game style and continue development based on the approved style. Distracting background we have simplified and added tracks (similar to tracks on circuit boards) which scatters the signal when we hit the object. Redrew the bonuses and added the appropriate color to the smashing cubes. Added a scene after the destruction of the object. Worked on the light and particles, and we were satisfied with what had happened.


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