The unknown nine

So the player is hacking a system, and it resists, prevents to make your way to its heart. And the preventers are the guardians – a huge avatars, parts of the system that are on guard of the important information. Guardians – are a mini bosses, which, firstly, will tell the player about the world, and secondly, represent different game mechanics.

To make it easier for us to deal with game objects, we decided to use vector graphics (SVG format). Fortunately, the is a plugin for Unity to import SVG files, and we use them successfully. As a result, we have completely switched to using the SVGs, except for three-dimensional objects and some gameplay parts.

After a long-time searching we have added a central button, which allows you to launch Glitch to the core, to the center. Like an attack button. The solution allows us to eliminate a headaches during the passage of the levels, but not making the game easier. There was a balance between the level of complexity of constructions and the use of attacks.

We know that guardians – are the bosses, so we have included a final battle, after which we move to the next guardian. Each battle must be epic and saturated the previous one. The concept has already been tested, but still in development.

Enriching the game with all possibilities we faced with a significant FPS decrease. Dynamics fell heavily and we were worried about it.


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